Hi, I'm Erwin. I've been making websites and other web related stuffs for about a decade. My work is based on strong web fundamentals focusing on semantic code, accesibility, scalability and maintainability, resulting in products that feels modern, run fast, are lightweight and works in every device.

With the Erwin's Web Development Services you'll get all this features and none of the nowadays industry's junk in your next

  • static website
  • landing page
  • dynamic website
  • blog
  • web aplication.

If you already have a website, you can get the

  • consulting service
  • website performance report, or
  • website optimization service.

If the kind of project you have in mind is not listed here, feel free to contact me.

Here is a small list of some of the projects I've worked on:


Admin portal for FRIMAC

Frimac's admin portal in the 'news' section.

I worked for Frimac to build their administration portal, where I designed and developed

  • a custom CMS for their news and blog posts
  • an user management system to handle user accounts of clients, employees and partners with custom roles and permissions assignment
  • an entries visualization panel for their multiples web forms and
  • an extra web portal exclusive for buissines partners.


Momot's device information view.

I worked as the lead developer on the creation of Momot: a monitoring platform for IoT devices. My development here included

  • projects creation system for users/organizations
  • device vinculation and configuration system for projects
  • dashboard with devices realtime information and multiple interactive charts for data history visualization and download
  • interactive map with devices location and realtime summary information
  • API for device and server comunication (authentication and realtime data update)
  • robust database to handle the big amounts of data in realtime


Different views in the Papp mobile web app.

A web application to help users find availables parking spots near them. I was the lead developer of the project, building

  • two separate web apps, one for public users and other for parking lot owners
  • the frontend for each web app
  • an interactive map with nearby parking lots and realtime summary information
  • the parking lot view with a minimap of the lot and availability information for each spot
  • a PWA for the public site

¡Habla! - Geolocation based chat app

Chat and profile views for ¡Habla! on mobile devices

A small side project I'm working on as an experiment. It is a chat application that allows users to chat with other people near them. You can test it on hablaapp.onrender.com or read more about it on my blog (in spanish).


Tudú App home view.

A simple but efficient TO-DO app I made to teach myself Progressive Web Applications development. Made with pure HTML, CSS and a lot of vanilla Javascript. The app features

  • multiple lists creation
  • single page for each list
  • multiple task creation for each list
  • task filtering by all, active or completed
  • undo button


Q: Can you do X for me?
A: Maybe. Contact me and we'll see.
Q: Do you design too?
A: No, I'm not a designer. But I can recomend you one if you need.
Q: Is that why this website is so ugly?
A: No, YOU are ugly.
Q: What do you mean with "nowadays industry's junk"?
A: Loading the hole Boostrap library just to style a button, for example. Or including React in your web just to make a modal dialog box.
Q: Are you a backend, frontend, or fullstack developer?
A: I got front and back and side to side.


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